Kingspark, YUD building is situated at 128 Weihai Road (junction of Changqing North Road), with a total construction area of 28,000 sq.m . The building has 30 storeys, B1 is for car parking. 1-7/F are office with open space design, 8-30/F are residential with two lifts for each 2 br/ 3 br units.
Kingspark is strategically located in the prestigious Shanghai CBD. Adjacent to the People’s Square, Municipai Building and the Grand Theatre, kingspark is 5 minutes walk to the People’s Square Metro Station where Metro Line 1&2 cross. All kinds of transportation are conveniently close, putting all of Shanghai within easy reach.
Kingspark Service Apartment
Add:No. 128 Weihai Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai.
Tel:021-63275588 Fax:021-63723318 Postcode:200003
E-mail:[email protected]    Web-site:www.ysapny.live